While allowing another trainer to utilize your account can be acceptable, we encourage trainers to consider the structure of their account when trying to maximize their business: 

  • Only one email address can be utilized for communication through an account

  • Direct deposit payments can only be routed to one PayPal account

  • Background checks may only be completed for the account holder; these important checks cannot be purchased by a student for anyone who does not hold their own account on FitnessTrainer

  • When applicable, only the trainer whose name and SSN are associated with an account will receive a 1099

  • All response rates and star ratings reflect solely on the account holder, regardless of who uses the account or conducts the lesson

  • It is not currently possible for multiple trainers using a single account to submit separate specialties and goals.

  • Our messaging system is designed to facilitate easy and quick communication between a single trainer and their clients, and to protect you under our Terms of Use, and your personal information. All written communication should take place on the FitnessTrainer platform.

  • If a situation arises that requires help from Customer Support to settle a dispute, only the account holder will have the ability to resolve the issue with our team

  • If you'd like more information, please contact Customer Support.