All payments between you and your trainer are processed through the FitnessTrainer platform. When you buy a session package through FitnessTrainer, you choose between a 6,12, and 20 session package. You will not be charged for your session package until you have spoken with your trainer and confirm the training details and know you will be a good match.

As a FitnessTrainer client, all of your upcoming and past sessions will show up in your Client Dashboard under the “My Sessions” tab. You will also receive an email after each training session notifying you of the session that the trainer logs. Assuming your trainer is correctly logging the sessions that are occurring you will not need to take any action on your end as you have already paid for a session package.

FitnessTrainer accepts PayPal, debit, and credit cards, as well as most prepaid debit or gift cards that can be registered with an address or zip code. 

Direct payments using cash, check, Venmo, QuickPay, or other methods are not permitted at any time.