The list of trainers a client sees changes based on that  client’s specific search criteria. However, there are a few things that trainers can do to place competitively in search results:

  • Be responsive. The most successful trainers respond to potential clients in fewer than 6 hours. It improves your search ranking to answer new client requests quickly, even if you tell the client that you can’t help them at this time. Make sure each request you apply to is friendly, and includes how you can specifically help that client reach their fitness goals.

  • Spend time on your client facing profile. Your profile should make a good first impression on  clients with great photos, thoughtful and informative ‘About Me’ section, multiple training locations, competitive hourly pricing, and details about your experience and subject qualifications. 

  • Ask clients to add ratings and reviews. Every star rating helps! Additionally, ask any current FitnessTrainer clients to write a review for your profile. Their published review can help you attract more clients. To ask for reviews, login to your trainer backend and click “Get More Reviews”. Copy/Paste that unique URL and send it to current and previous clients of yours. Once approved, those reviews will be displayed on your profile page and help increase your search rankings.